Access to Aconcagua Provincial Park

The Aconcagua Provincial Park is located in Mendoza, Argentina, along National Route 7, approximately 180 km west of the city of Mendoza, 402 km east of Santiago (Chile).
During winter time (June,July ,August) because of snow storms the road could be covered by ice, and the border tunnel that communicates with Chile could be cut off by the snow.

The Park has two entrances

Horcones Valley: it is 3 kilometres from Puente del Inca, it is the approaching valley to Plaza de Mulas (4,370 metres )and Plaza Francia (4,100 metres) the base camps of Normal Route and South Face respectively .It usually takes two days to get to Plaza de Mulas with an intermediate camp at Confluencia (3,400 metres).
The parkranger station is close to Horcones Lake (2,980 metres), 45 minutes far walking from National Route 7. This distance could be covered by car, there is a paved road to the station.

Vacas Valley: it is 16 km before Puente del Inca, it is the approaching valley to Plaza Argentina (4,190 metres)the base camp of Polish Glacier or False Polish Glacier Routes.
The entrande of this Valley is at Punta de Vacas.The parkranger station is at Pampa de Leñas ( 2,845 metres) first intermediate camp, 4 hours far from the National Route 7, the following intermediate camp is Casa de Piedra (3,225 metres).It usually takes three days to get to Plaza Argentina.

At the parkranger stations, the admission tickets are controlled and a numbered litter bag is given to each mountaineer.It works from 08:00 am to 06:00 pm.

The Park is accessible by car, hired van services or bus. The bus service has three daily departs from Mendoza city bus-terminal: Monday to Friday 06:00 am, 10:15 am, 03:30 pm  and Saturday and Sunday 07:00 am, 10:15 am, 03:30  pm .

And  the bus come back from Puente del Inca at 11:45am, 04:45 pm, 08:00 pm .