Principal climbing routes

Normal (or Northwest) Route
This route is considered to be of moderate to high climbing difficulty. The base camp for this route is Plaza de Mulas and the approach is made along the trail that goes up the Horcones Valley. There is an alternative route that starts from Plaza Argentina, with a traverse below the Polish Glacier and that leads to the Normal Route at 6,200 metres. This alternative is called the False Polish Glacier Route.

Polish Glacier Route
This is a technical climbing route of intermediate difficulty. The base camp for this route is Plaza Argentina and the approach is made by way of the Vacas Valley. The glacier can also be reached from Plaza de Mulas by the Normal Route and with a traverse at either of the two high altitude camps, Nido de Cóndores or Berlín.

South Face
This is the most difficult route on the mountain, ascending up a steep slope with frequent avalanches and falling rocks. The base camp is Plaza Francia and is reached by the Horcones Valley. This face presents many climbing routes and variations.

Other Routes
North Face Route, West Face Route, Southwest Ridge, Southeast Ridge, East Glacier Route.