Mountain Flora

In the Central Andean mountains, vegetation can be found up to 3500 metres. Due to its elevation, scarce precipitation and rigorous climate, the ecosystem biodiversity is low. The animal and vegetable species are concentrated in the lowest zones of the Park.

The mountain flora is characterized by high adaptation to the extreme dryness conditions,wind, poor soils and low temperatures, therefore they grow under the protection of rocks, stunted to the ground with roots ten times longer than the stalks.They have hard leaves, sharp spines and stings like nettles.

The predominant plants are: coirón, leña amarilla, yareta and cuerno de cabra.Damp lowlands (vegas or mallín) exist where water is accumulated growing a varied type of vegetation that resists long ground freezing periods.

Blooming period takes place from December to March, during the climbing season, the entrance’s gullies are plenty of colour and scent.

The fauna is even more scarce.At the Park there are some of the species protected by law: guanaco and condor, which were declared Provincial Natural Monuments. This means guanaco and condor can neither be hunted or kept captive.

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