Scope of Activities

The Andes range is nowadays the setting of many outdoors activities like: rafting, horse-back riding , kayacs, mountain bike,etc.

Our company organizes:

This mean mountain walking at places of low angle slopes, through valleys aproaching high mountains base camps or ascensions to low altitude mountains (4500m)

The different treks grades are:

Easy: Involves walking for up to four hours a day and generally does not exceed altitudes over 3500 metres.

Moderate: Includes walking for up to six hours a day and generally does not exceed altitudes over 4000 metres.

Demanding: May include walking for up to eight hours a day and at times reaching 4500 metres.

So as to perform a trekking you need only carry a light daysack with drink, snack and warm clothes. Spending the night at camp sites or in a refuge, according to the place.

The easy programs are for those in a reasonable state of health and fitness and for the moderate and demanding ones, besides fitness you should be prepared for long climbing days.

This mean walking to the summit of the chosen mountain.Depending on prevailing conditions, ice axe and crampons may be used. It takes place between 2000 to 6960 metres. Although this activity has no technical difficulty, the height and the rough weather conditions make it very challenging indeed.

These programs have a specific mountain climbing content. They have the same fitness requirements as a demanding trek.Most of them go to high altitude.All of them allow sufficient time for acclimatization, although you should be aware of the inconveniences and risks of high altitude.

Traverse through Snow Field:
Our proposal is to use snow shoes, in order to enjoy the snowy wildernees as an alternative to ski resorts.The last generation of snow shoes are very light, can be used with trekking shoes and even allow you to walk on low angles slopes.

These programs are for those with a reasonable level of fitness