Logistical Support

You can count on our logistic support for your entire expedition:

Prior to travelling/coming

-We suggest physical training whilst you are getting ready for your trip.
-We can help you to make the schedule for your trip that suits your needs.
-We inform of lodging facilities in our province an we make your lodging reservations, at the City of Mendoza or at Penitentes or Puente del Inca in advance for you.


Once in Mendoza

-We welcome you at the airport or bus terminal and we take you to the hotel.
-We can check your personal mountain equipment if you required.
-We get you in touch with rental shops to rent equipment, should you have the need.
-We inform of the restaurant options you can find in our city, the timetable and addresses of banks and exchange offices as well as of other interesting day-tours you can enjoy in our province like museums, wineries and dams.


Support offered specifically at Mt. Aconcagua

-We assist you with the purchase of climbing or trekking permits, and with the expedition’s shopping.
-We organize the transportation to and from the mountain villages (Puente del Inca and Penitentes) and we advise how to prepare the gear to be carried by mules.
-We offer gear transport by mules to and from intermediate and base camps.
-We provide guide service starting at the Park entrance or if you prefer from base camp.

If you are a skilled mountaineer and you do not need a guide, we can organize all the other logistic services for you.
The base camp service means to have three meals per day – breakfast, lunch and dinner at a large group tent fitted with tables and chairs. With a varied menu that includes fresh vegetables and meat , supply of hot water all day and snacks for the walks. These services are provided along Horcones Valley at Confluencia and Plaza de Mulas camps and at Plaza Argentina (Vacas Valley).


If you hired gear transport by mules and /or base camp service:

-We can put you in touch with high altitude porters, if you decide to hire their services.
-We colaborate with you in case of self-evacuation.
-We keep our radio transceiver standby at base camp, therefore if you bring a handie VHF transceiver you can count on our support while you are up on the mountain.
-We make the arrangements for your rubbish dispossal.


There is also the option of Full Service (airport/airport), a standard one includes:

  • Private transfer from Mendoza airport to hotel and back.
  • Hotel & breakfast in Mendoza city.
  • Assistance with ascension permit processing and equipment rental when it’s necessary.
  • Private transfer from Mendoza city to Puente del Inca or Penitentes and back.
  • Accommodation in Puente del Inca or Penitentes ( bed & breakfast).
  • Gear transport by mules from Puente del Inca to Base Camp (Plaza de Mulas or Plaza Argentina) and back.
  • Base camp service: Confluencia- Plaza de Mulas – Plaza Argentina.
  • Guide service, when it’s requested.
  • Personal high altitude porter.

Why would you rather take a full service?
Mendoza is a small province with all the facilities of a modern city, that is: car rental, supermarkets, lodging from sleeping bag-type hostel to 5 stars hotel, restaurants, mountain equipment sale and rental shops,shuttle bus service to and from the mountain. But not many people speak foreign languages.
We have been planning and arranging these services for the last seventeen years and therefore, we are qualified to make your stay in our province easy and smooth. Consequently, you will have plenty of time to visit interesting places of our region instead of spending hours doing, for example, the shopping for fuel and food for the expedition.
It is not easy to move all the expedition gear by shuttle because bus departures from Mendoza are scheduled four times a day. Instead we offer private mini vans services, with the convenient time table for your itinerary.
You’d only have to send us the detailed list and size of the equipment you would like to rent and the preferably lodging category, and we can do the reservations in advance.
For these reason, we advice you to hire a full service.
We do not include the meals whilst you are down town or at mountain villages, it will be your choice to decide what and where to eat.

And of course you can always count on our experience as local services suppliers for any query you should have.