Bienvenidos a Juan Herrera Travel Service

Especialistas en expediciones, ascensos y trekking en Aconcagua, desde 1989 en los Andes Centrales.


Logistical Support

You can count on our logistic support for your entire expedition: Prior to travelling/coming -We suggest physical training whilst you are getting ready for your trip. -We can help you to make the schedule for your trip that suits your


Guided Ascensions

Our company organizes guided ascension groups by the Normal Route also known as NW and by the Traverse Route also known as False Polish Glacier , every summer season (Dec. to March). These are the tentatives itineraries; they could vary


Guided Trekkings

These treks not only lead you to the base camps of the different routes of Aconcagua through valleys, foothills and glaciers of singular beauty but they also allow you to share with those who are preparing to attempt the summit

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