Cordón del Plata Range

This is a impressive snow -capped range, with peaks of 3,700 to 6,000 metres.It is part of the Frontal Cordillera.Geologically speaking, it is formed by paleozoic rocks and the Quaternary glaciation had left many moraine deposits there.The most amazing glacier of the zone is the one on the South Face of Mt. Plata.There are other challenging glaciers at Mt. Rincón, Mt. Colorado and Mt. Agustín Alvarez, besides ice -climbing there are also interesting rock climbing walls.Mountain activities of different grade of difficulty take place here such as walking, climbing and technical climbing.

It is visited all over the year. Winter offers both challenges:altitude and harsh weather conditions, special cold weather gear is necessary.There are many low angle slopes to do traverses with snow- shoes and there is also a small ski resort.

In summer, the incredible green meadows, around the numerous water springs and streams, the slopes covered in fern, moss and lichen and the colourful mountains are an invitation to outdoor holidays.This might eventually become the perfect site for acclimatizing trips for those who are planning to climb Mt. Aconcagua.

There are private refuges for lodging, there is no shutlle bus and the closest purveyor’s shops are at Potrerillos and Valle del Sol.

The closest settlement to the mountain range is Vallecitos, located 90 kilometres from Mendoza city.There is a road that takes you to almost 2,900 metres. The road can be frozen in winter, snow chains should be used while snowing.

We organize the logistical support – transfer, lodging reservations, guide service – all year.

And we have climbing and treks programmed groups from April to October.

We also offer traverse through snow field, programmed groups available from June to August.